Q: Is there an advantage to buying fabric from an upholsterer?
A: Yes. The fabrics are first quality and they have a wide variety for you to choose from. You should rely on your upholsterer's experience and advice. If the job should require adittional yardage than anticipated, then your upholsterer is responsible for the extra yardage, NOT YOU! Should any damage occur after the job is completed, such as: pet damage, staining due to spillage, cigaret burns, etc., your upholsterer is able to obtain yardage to repair the damage, up to 1 year later. You will ofcourse be charged for fabric and labor to repair these damages. If the fabric fails, you have one person to look for to correct the problem, your upholsterer.

Q: Do I save money on the total job by furnishing my own fabric?
A: No. The cost should be the same whether you buy your fabric from the upholsterer or a retailer. Your upholsterers must maintain the same profit margin whether they are furnishing the fabric and labor, or just labor. The overhead remains the same; therefore if you furnish fabric, they have to up their price for cutting and handling your fabric. Do you buy your own steak and take it to the restaurant? This is the same situation that your upholsterers are putin when he works with your fabric.

Q: Is there any type of warranty of fabrics purchased from an upholsterer?
A: YES. Fabrics purchased from your upholsterer have a limited warranty against fabric manufacturing failures, should such failures occur under normal wear conditions. This limited warranty is backed by the manufacturer and the fabric distributor.

Fabric can only be warranted if sold by your upholsterer. Many retail stores buy off-quality fabrics to have attractive prices to advertise. These fabrics cannot be warranted in most cases as they are not bought directly from the manufacturer and often the manufacturer is not even known. (Your upholsterer is not able to warranty their work if they are not aware of the quality of fabric that you have furnished.)

Upholstery fabrics come in an extensive variety of textures and colors. Furniture styling should be considered when choosing a fabric, along with selecting the proper fabric for the wear your furniture will receive. Your upholsterer can help you choose a first quality fabric from their wide selection of sample books.

Q: Are there disadvantages to furnishing my own fabric?
A: YES. You lose all warranties unless your upholsterer furnishes your fabric. In many cases the roll your fabric came from is all that is available. Where will you turn for additional fabric should damages occur at a later date?

It is a proven fact that many jobs are put in jeopardy when additional fabric is needed and none is available. Situations such as excessive flaws or matching and centering a pattern can result in additional yardage being required that the upholsterer was not aware of when your job was quoted. This increases your cost dramatically.

You can be put in the middle if there is fabric failure after a few weeks or months. What is the cause of this failure? The fabric or the workmanship? If your upholsterer sells you the complete job then there is no passing the buck. You look to one person, the upholsterer who furnished the fabric and did the labor.

Q: How do I take care of my fabric?
A: Sunbrella fabric features a soil-and-stain-resistant finish that makes cleanup a breeze.

Spot wash by sponging briskly with a solution of mild soap in lukewarm water. Rinse thoroughly with clean water to remove soap and let air dry.

For stubborn stains or suntan lotion, use fabric spot remover. Follow the directions on the container. Rinse thoroughly with clean water and let air dry.(Click here for instructions on tough stain removal.)

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